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What happens?


The HOMEOPATHIC consultation is an opportunity to sit down and take stock of your health and your life. This happens in safe, comfortable surroundings,  and in strict confidence. ​


Health and illness are linked to everyday experiences, so homeopaths are interested in everything about you.  This takes time. You are asked questions about the issue you have come with.  These questions help identify the uniqueness of your symptoms and allow for a tailor-made prescription, particular to your individual condition and experience. 

The first appointment usually lasts up to an hour and a half. At least one, or two further appointments are required to gain full benefit ; complex cases may need more. Initially an interval of  3-4 weeks between appointments is normal, these intervals get longer as health is restored.


The SOMATIC EXPERIENCING consultation lasts about an hour. Typically, you will sit comfortably with your therapist, take time to settle, and then asked what you would like to explore in the session.

All the information from the HOMEOPATHIC consultation is treated in confidence and carefully considered before you are prescribed a remedy. 

Whether your remedy is given in pill or liquid form, as a single dose or repeatedly, will depend on the strength of  the remedy prescribed and the severity of your symptoms.  

You will be asked to take note of any changes you experience over the following weeks.


Homeopath & Somatic Experiencing



  • First consultation (80-90 mins)                         £ 78

  • Follow-up Consultation ( 40-45 mins)               £ 55

  • Children under 16,

  • all consultations 

  • (40-45 mins)                                                     £ 50


  • All consultations   (60 mins)                              £60

    Skype,   FaceTime   &  WhatsApp Consultations 


Face-to-Face Consultations in Campbeltown Clinic





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