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Louise Rohan

Louise completed a four year training course at the Scottish College of Homeopathy in 1999 and has been working professionally ever since. In 2002 she did a post-graduate diploma with the world renowned Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies qualifying in 2004 as a Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy.

She is experienced in Rajan Sankaran's Sensation Method of Homeopathy and continues to study, as part of her Continuing Professional Development, at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital. 

She is a registered member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and abides by their Code of Ethics & Practice.   She is fully licensed and holds professional insurance.​


Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that assists the natural healing ability of the body.   It is safe to use, suitable for all ages and works alongside traditional medicine.  ​Because homeopathy  treats mental, emotional and physical symptoms together as one, believing  that they are inter-connected, results can be deep and profound and more importantly, lasting.

Louise also trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a method developed by Peter Levine (author of Waking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice) to resolve and heal trauma. 



People find SE helpful when they've experienced overwhelming emotional and psychological difficulties following prolonged stress, trauma, distressing experiences.


She received her SE Certification following a three year, post graduate, SE (Somatic Experiencing) Trauma Training in conjunction with SETI (SE Trauma Institute, Colorado, USA) in 2015. 



She is a registered member of SE Association UK and affiliated to SETI.

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